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Dear Friends in Christ,

We are pleased to receive your letter of inquiry, concerning our Institute on Evangelism. Travel from your home to the Institute must be arranged by yourself, if you are selected as a participant. Any request to be accompanied by a relative or friend will not be complied with unless the other party applies and is also accepted. If you have attended any of Dr..Haqq’s former Institutes on Evangelism please say so. Only applicants that have never had an opportunity earlier will be considered for selection.

You must be able to speak and understand the English language. It is used to save time. Please do not apply if you are weak in the English language or cannot attend the Institute for the full duration. Please fill out the linked application form and details of church leaders as requested. Submit them using the form at or mail these back to us as soon as possible. Please do not come to the Institute UNLESS YOU RECEIVE AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER BACK FROM OUR OFFICE. If sent by post, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with Rs.5.00 stamp affixed for a reply to your inquiry. You may also upload the completed application along with your photo at or send it by post.

You cannot substitute another person for yourself, if you are selected. Only your qualifications have been considered in the process of selection. If you are not sure of getting leave from work or do not have good health for travel and do not have interest in evangelistic work, PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN THE APPLICATION. Failure to attend after being selected is a tragic limitation against some other highly qualified and zealous Christian worker who might have come in your place. You must attend the Institute for the full period.

There will be practical training in various strategic phases of evangelism through lectures by outstanding Christian leaders. Morning Bible study sessions will start the daily schedule. There will also be time for fellowship in group prayer sessions. Pastors, laypersons and youth from all over India will share in the experience. Only the pre-selected persons will be authorized to share in these 5 days of inspiration. So, send in your application promptly, with a passport size photograph attached. You will be informed of your selection with an invitation letter from our office, approximately one month before so that you will be able to make your travel arrangements.

Please note the last date to receive applications is November 30, 2018.


You must give us the correct complete Postal address, Phone Number and Email Address, so that we will be able to contact you if are selected.

Yours Sincerely,